Hello Friends I’m Jaswinder Kaur, the founder of Ease Bedding Dot Com.

I love to do Yoga and Vipassana Meditation. I Spend a lot of time in Cooking, Cleaning, Gardening, Decorating my Home and rest all time I spend in writing Articles for my Blogging Business.

Simple Story

 17 years ago, we moved to Canada and started a new life here, again from Zero. In the beginning we faced so many problems; such as financial problems and my husband couldn’t find a good job in his Profession.

After a big struggle, he found a well paid job in his field (Civil Engineer) and now he is quite satisfied and me too. Just to support him financially, I did some Part-time Survival jobs-Tim Hortons, Security Officer etc, but me and my husband were not happy from my work. As soon as my husband  found a good Job, I stopped working, because always my aim was and will be to look after my family.

I used to fill Surveys in my free time, but I never made any Money and by doing that slowly-slowly I started to learn about Affiliate Marketing and started to Make Money over $100 monthly with Max Bounty. I worked with Max Bounty for a year and so, then I thought, no doubt I am making some Cash, but there is nothing to learn and I stopped working with  MaxBounty.

UPDATE: I got some emails from my Ease Bedding Readers and they want to know how I’m  Making Money with Affiliate Marketing?

So I thought why not Start another Blog, where I can write about my Blogging Experience and there is Good News, recently I started it.

→1. Number One Blog is:  Ease Bedding Dot Com, where you can Buy any kind of  Bedding Sets on very very Affordable Prices.

→2. Number Two Blog is: Top Best Spot Dot Com, where you can get information and buy a Variety of Stuff for Good Prices!

I started my Blogging Journey from Squidoo  and today Squidoo is a part of Hubpages. But I learned a lot by writing Lenses (articles) on Squidoo.  I can never forget Squidoo, because my Blogging Career started from Squidoo.

This is how I learned  about Blogging. I never learned these things in my life before  and now with my own experience and by trying different things on the Internet, I’m  learning a lot.

Hosting Company for Ease Bedding Dot Com is SiteGround and if you like to make your own Website and need Hosting Plan, where your Site can Grow Big and be Secure at the same time, then after using Site Ground for two years, I can recommend it!

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When you will  buy Hosting Package with my above  Link, I’ll Make little Money, which  will not cost you  extra, even you’ll get a little Discount.

I’m  quite happy with the progress of Ease Bedding Dot Com, because now I started to make Cash on the Internet, which I never thought even four years back.

Now I have big dreams and by reading others’ Success Stories, I think sky’s the limit. Yes I have to work hard and learn new things from other Bloggers and learning new things is the key to succeed in  Blogging Business or even everywhere. Daily I spend, almost six hours for my Blogging Business or even  more.

This Blog- Ease Bedding Dot Com is aboutBedding Sets, Comforters, Blankets, Quilts, Pillow Shams, Window Curtains, Beds, Mattresses  etc and I try my best by spending a lot of time to choose and  list only those Bedding Sets, which have good Reviews from Customers. Means already Customers bought them and used them. So by their Reviews,  it is Easy for Customers to make their  mind to Purchase Products by my Recommendations. I spend so much time to find Good Products and then only, I recommend them for my Customers.

Everything takes Time, Patience, hard work and a Game to Play. So with Patience and with my hard work, I’m  ready to fulfill my aim to  Succeed in my Blogging Full Time Career.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read About Me.

Have a  Great Day and hoping to see you again. Please come Back Again!

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